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When we first started this business, we knew what we stood for, we knew what we wanted for our clients and we knew where we wanted the business to go, but we weren't too sure what name we could give the business that would speak to all these things.


We knew we stood for quality, we wanted our clients to know that when they purchase our services; they aren't just getting any fence, they are getting a great fence.


We knew we wanted to show our clients that we believe in their vision for their property and we will do all we can to get them there.


And yes, we knew that our aim is to add to the value of every property by building a fence that looks great and lasts the test of time. But after all this, still no name...


Well the months passed and by this stage I had built myself a reputation for having attention to detail and not taking shortcuts. I admit, I would give the boys a bit of a hard time if they didn't follow suit.


One spring day I was building a fence and a co-worker passed by and I said what do you think? He looks up and says "Bang On mate, Bang On; That's it! That's the perfect name for your business!" 


And that is where Bang On Fencing was born.